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Welcome to Livingface Photography in Toronto

At Livingface Photography, we love people and the many opportunities they provide for capturing their emotions and the priceless moments of their lives – and especially their faces – with professional photography that is vibrant and expressive. Think about how the face of a relative lights up, maybe at a family reunion or a holiday celebration, when you walk into a room after not having seen them for a long time. That reaction is not the same sort of expression that you are likely to notice in the framed studio portrait pictures that hang on the walls of your home. The difference? A smile that comes from real emotion. Your relative's smile is a reaction that comes from deep seated feelings. It is saved for you, because you are someone that is known and loved. Similarly, Livingface Photography relies upon those same emotions and relationships to evoke the true and multifaceted faces of our subjects. Real people do not have one stoic expression that never changes. Real faces are animated and alive. Sometimes they can be joyful, at other times playful, and even sometimes deep in thought, but always expressive of who they truly are. Life isn't about one expression, one look, or one response, so your photos shouldn't be, either. At Livingface Photography, we recognize that fact, and we do whatever it takes to ensure that our photos display it. :: View Galleries ::

A Passion for Photography

Bard Azima began building his Toronto photography business, Livingface Photography, more than 10 years ago. While it is his profession, more importantly, after nearly 20 years of professional photography, photography is the delight of his heart and Bard's true passion. Bard Azima has a knack and true talent for capturing the living, vibrant faces of his subjects in every photography session, whether he is taking formally posed pictures as your family photographer, capturing a sentimental moment between mother and child in a newborn photo, or obtaining fabulously playful child photography shots on a playground.

Bard believes that though photographers in Toronto may be called upon to take photos in a variety of venues for various occasions, the finished product should always be about the people involved. That is why Bard can move seamlessly from serving as a wedding photographer on one day to being a newborn photographer the next. In each instance, he will perfectly capture the inner emotions, life, and artistic expression of each face – each moment – each memory. :: View Galleries ::

Engagement Photography

We know that your engagement photos will one day tell a part of your story, the loving narrative of your history together. That is why, at Livingface Photography, we offer wedding packages that automatically include an engagement photo session and engagement photos. This arrangement ensures continuity between your engagement and your wedding photos. In addition, by the time your wedding day finally arrives, you will have already established a bond of trust and confidence with your wedding photographer that will enable any jitters that you had about photos on your special day to melt away. The same timeless love that was captured during your engagement photography session will effortlessly come to life on your special day. :: Engagement Photography ::

Wedding Photography

When viewing the portfolios of the many talented wedding photographers in Toronto, it quickly becomes apparent that each has his or her own strengths and a creative flair of their own to offer. One of the things that sets Bard Azima apart, besides his technical expertise and artful eye, is the manner in which he puts his subjects at ease, allowing the true essence of the wedding and the people present to sparkle without suffering stage fright because a photographer is present. In fact, Bard is so gifted in keeping a low-key presence that there may even be times when you wonder if he is getting the important shots. That having been said, Bard also possesses the expertise to take charge and quickly arrange your posed photos when the time comes. When you arrange for Livingface's wedding photography in Toronto, you will get a combination of standard wedding photos mixed with the exciting and vibrant memories that made your wedding uniquely yours. In addition, you will benefit from the calming and reassuring presence that arises from Bard Azima's experience, making your wedding photos one less thing to stress about before your big day arrives. In fact, Bard's own serene, steadying demeanor may rub off on the two of you, enabling you to truly enjoy all of the joy, excitement, and love as you begin your life together. :: Wedding Photography ::

Destination Wedding Photography

Though Bard specializes in Toronto wedding photography, if you are planning a destination wedding, Bard is more than able to transfer his photography acumen to any location you desire. No matter where your destination wedding may take you, with Livingface Photography, you are guaranteed to get the same fabulous experience anywhere on the globe as you would have if you were having your wedding right here in Toronto. Whether Bard Azima is your wedding photographer in Toronto, Key West, or anywhere in between, his aesthetic approach to capturing emotions, faces, and detail mean that you will have wedding photos that will always serve as treasured memories of your wonderful marriage. And because your engagement photos, which are a part of your total package, will have been taken by the same photographer, when you choose Livingface Photography for your destination wedding, you will not have to worry that your engagement photos from one location will be out of sync with your wedding photos from another location. :: Destination Wedding Photography ::

Maternity Photography

Pregnancy is an exciting, sentimental, joyous, and emotional time for any mother. Whether this is your first pregnancy or you have experienced pregnancy before, at Livingface, we know that each maternity experience is as different as the individuals that are birthed from them. And, each pregnancy begins a bond of love, nurturing, and respect between you and your child that will last a lifetime. Livingface offers incomparable maternity photography in Toronto thanks to Bard's gift for being able to encapsulate in photographic form the miracle that is your pregnancy. With Livingface Photography, you will get photos that express the very poignant beauty of your pregnancy. And, because having pictures of your baby as both a preborn and newborn will give both you and eventually your child an amazing perspective on those first historical months, Livingface has a maternity/newborn package so that you can have all of those before and after photos. What an incredible gift you will one day be able to give to your child: pictures of you as a family together, before the birth had even happened! :: Maternity Photography ::

Newborn/Baby/Child Photography

Whatever kinds of offspring photos you need – whether you are looking for a Toronto newborn photographer, a Toronto baby photographer, or expert child photography in Toronto that captures the growth of your child in uniquely delightful ways, Livingface Photography will give you timeless, one-of-a-kind photographs at each stage of your child's development. Whether taking pictures of the magic that is your newborn or the dexterity of your six-year-on the playground, Bard will provide you with incredibly animated and gorgeous photos that pinpoint in a moment in time the wonder that is your child in a classic, timeless fashion that is, at the same time, fresh and alive.

Baby photography in Toronto can be tricky, at best. Babies like to be warm and feel snug and secure, and our Toronto weather does not always lend itself to that. Bard will always take the time to ensure that your baby is comfortable and feels safe before ever trying to set a pose or take a picture. Livingface Photography is always all about capturing what's real about the faces and lives of the subjects. :: Baby Photography ::

Family Photography

When you need a family photographer, you want someone who will be able to capture your essence as a family in a way that preserves your memories in portrait photography that is natural and accurately and appropriately expressive. With Livingface Photography, you get a photographer who places great emphasis on the importance of family and creating enduring photos that look natural and relaxed.

Portrait photography that looks fake or seems unnatural is from a bygone era of what is acceptable for a family photos. Even when taking posed photos of your family, Bard Azima takes the time to make sure that every family member is relaxed, comfortable, and visibly at ease with the photography session. By the time your family photography session with Livingface Photography is done, everyone will be feeling, acting, and most importantly, looking like their very best natural, expressive selves. :: Family Photography ::

Baptism Photography

A child has many special milestones in life, but none so special as the baptism. Baptism is a blessed event that is infused with ceremony and rich in meaning. Though your child will have many "firsts," you will want to preserve the memories of your child's baptism for you both to enjoy and reflect upon years down the road. The baptism photographer you choose must respect and understand not only the significance of the event for you, your child, your family, and guests in attendance, but also grasp the stage direction, if you will, that is part and parcel of the ritual. To ensure that your baptism photos are flawless and representative of the sanctity of the event, Bard will meet with the officiant ahead of time to confirm timing and placement in order to be prepared for the shots and angles that will matter to you most. Baptism photography is a one-shot proposition, so you'll want to choose a Toronto baptism photographer who has experience and an easy manner in any setting. :: Baptism Photography ::

Corporate Event Photography

First thing's first with Bard Azima—Bard is a people photographer. So when you invite Bard to photograph your corporate event, you won't get stiff and stuffy corporate photos—you will get dynamic images of the people who make the corporation tick. Have you considered photography of the annual golf tournament that your company sponsors? How about employee family photos with Santa or at the annual summer gathering? If you find that you're at a loss for ideas for corporate photography, Bard can help you brainstorm for creative ideas. If your corporate photography needs are straightforward, such as photography for product launches, trade shows, and conferences, you'll be proud of your company when you have crisp, professional photography to display.

Bard has provided corporate photography for some of the most illustrious organizations in the Greater Toronto area, including The Ontario Arts Council, The Canadian Paediatric Society, The Canadian Business Hall of Fame, and many other distinguished corporate clients and notable organizations. As Bard is with every specialty of photography that he undertakes, he is innovative in his corporate event photography offerings and takes pride in providing on-site event photography, on-the-spot printing, "green screen" photography, and other opportunities to make your corporate event photography—whether large, intimate, social, formal or just for fun—something to be enjoyed and admired. :: Corporate Event Photography :: :: Green Screen Photography ::

Special Event Photography

Special events are as unique as the person or group that is celebrating the event. Though the term "special event" may bring about a finite group of celebratory occasions that generally come to mind, think big … very big. Special events encompass far more than weddings, births, and anniversaries. For instance, you may want professional photographs of your daughter's college music recital, your son's first hockey game, or—the sky's the limit—how about your first attempt at skydiving? When you are planning a special event that you wish to capture with uniquely personal photography, the same degree of creative excellence that Bard and Livingface Photography bring to all photography projects shine just as brightly at your special event, illuminating the occasion as only a fine photographer can. Bard is expert at being a behind-the-scenes player in order to unobtrusively capture the images that will surprise you, delight you, and move you. :: Special Event Photography ::

Headshot Photography

Taking a great headshot is harder than it looks. Though a headshot often appears to be little more than a simple, tightly cropped mug shot, the headshot actually must accomplish quite a lot, besides making you look great! Livingface Photography and Toronto portrait photographer Bard Azima has the headshot photo expertise that you need. Whether you are looking for a quality photograph to include with your performance-based resume, or your company's web page is being redesigned and you need an appropriate head and shoulders business photo that will adequately represent you to clients, Livingface Photography can execute exactly what you are looking for so that your headshot will be warm but professional, unique but not too over-the-top, and reflecting your personality while also displaying a distinct level of professionalism. :: Headshot Photography ::

Toronto School Photography

School pictures bring back memories of years gone by. However, they can sometimes bring back memories of how awkward and unnatural school pictures sometimes were. When you want positive, natural, and honest photographs of your students, you want Livingface Photography. Bard Azima takes school photos with the same approach that he brings to all of his photography: with an eye to capturing the most natural, genuine, unhampered expression of emotion and feeling possible. Bard will capture dynamic photos of students in natural light, outdoors, where they will feel free to be themselves. There are no two students in any school that look, act, or think exactly alike. With Bard Azima and Livingface Photography, you will not get school photos that try to fit every student into a one-size-fits-all element; you will get an insightful and artistic look into who the students really are. :: School Photography ::

:: View Galleries ::

No matter what your photography needs may be, at Livingface Photography, Bard Azima will preserve your treasured memories and significant moments with an artistry that is at one and the same time expert and passionate. Located at 2 Toronto Street, Suite 265, Toronto, Canada, Bard Azima and Livingface Photography can be contacted at mailto:bard@livingface.com or by telephone 1.416.732.1904. We look forward to serving your photographic needs.

Though primarily a Toronto photographer, Bard is willing to travel to destination locations for any photography sessions, and Livingface Photography is available for onsite photography sessions throughout southern Ontario, including Toronto, Mississauga, Ajax, Newmarket, Oakville, Burlington, Barrie, Scarborough, Hamilton, Whitby, Niagara Falls, Markham, St. Catharines, King City, London, Vaughan, Peterborough, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Oshawa, Durham Region, Brampton, Milton, Halton Hills, and Clarington.

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