Livingface Photography specializes in Headshots for companies and organizations, whether you have 25 or 2500 employees.

With the significance of LinkedIn, and the blurring of the lines between personal and professional, everything has changed in a very short time. Unfortunately, while most companies pay detailed attention to all facets of their branding and marketing, in many cases there is an oversight with respect to headshots on LinkedIn. While the LinkedIn account is technically personal, once the person reveals that they work for a particular company they, and their headshot, represent the company.

Firstly, please go to LinkedIn and type in your company name and scroll through the first three or four pages. If you are one of the few companies with uniform headshots, and they have been taken by an experienced professional photographer, then it's probably all good. More likely, however, you will find a shocking level of inconsistency, in some cases embarrassment, whether or not your employees' headshots are professionally done or if it's an Iphone picture of them in someone's kitchen. Some companies even give employees a small amount of money ($50 - $100) to get their own professional headshot, which, as you can see from your scrolling, again promotes massive inconsistency, not least because most people do not want to spend much money out of their own pocket for a headshot so they will invariably find a cheap option, like Walmart.

It used to be that only senior management and staff that dealt directly with clients required headshots. With LinkedIn that is no longer the case. Everyone from the CEO to the mailroom clerk is on LinkedIn, representing your company. Meanwhile, HR Departments are now tasked with monitoring their employees' social media activities, lest the company be painted in a bad light. So, the question is, why have headshots fallen through the cracks?

It is our contention that any company or organization that does not have uniform and dynamic headshots reveals a lack of attention to detail which potential clients will consciously and unconsciously pick up on and, in the case of businesses, will cost the company money.


With respect to backgrounds, we can go with the standard greyish or to further connect your headshots with your unique company branding we can customize the background to subtley or overtly match your company colours (please visit the Headshot Portfolio for samples).

We will come and setup between one and four studios at your offices (depending on the number of employees) and will shoot for however many days until we have photographed your entire company. Then, we will institute a regular maintenance schedule whereby we will return to photograph new employees.


Another crucial aspect of headshots is the trepidation that so many people feel when it comes to taking their picture. Even in the short time we spend with each employee, it is a priority for us at Livingface to make our subjects feel relaxed and comfortable. What separates Livingface from most other headshot photographers is our 14 years of capturing wedding, family, baby and school portraits. In short, we have our ways of eliciting graceful, genuine smiles. Honesty and confidence takes the dynamic headshot to the next level, and adds to your bottom line.

It has never been more important for you to ensure that your employees have professional headshots which present them and your company in the best possible light. Livingface provides the opportunity for companies to take control of an area that has fast become a critical component of every business.

Please contact us to discuss your company's headshot needs. 416.732.1904