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We deliver attractive, authentic quality headshots that make your employees and your company

look fantastic.


Our cutting-edge process means we deliver a high volume of excellent headshots in a financially

efficient manner. 


We make the process supportive, fun and lightning quick, with minimal disruption to your business.

Professional Headshots

Done Right

Livingface Photography is one of Toronto’s premier Corporate Headshot Photography studios. Do you need headshots for your senior staff or one of your departments? We’re happy to oblige. Maybe more intriguingly, we specialize in taking professional company headshots for the entire staff, whether you have 20 or 5,000 employees.


The entire company you may ask. Why? Because business social media, both internal (Yammer, Jive, Basecamp, Slack, intramail) and external (LinkedIn), have radically changed the headshot game. Unfortunately, with technology advancing so rapidly, most companies, who are otherwise highly concerned with controlling every aspect of branding and marketing, have not addressed this fundamental shift.

Your company goes to great lengths to control your branding and marketing by ensuring that your website, logo, fonts, copyright and employee code of conduct adhere to strict guidelines.

• Why does your company not apply the same rigorous standards to your employees’ headshots?

• Why don’t your headshots align with your brand?

• Why are so many employees using personal pictures within a professional setting and why don’t companies realize how this effects productivity and the bottom line?

Every component of your company’s online presence, internal and external, including employee headshots, should be professional, engaging and brand congruent.

The cutting-edge solution: Uniform Professional Headshots for all employees.

Welcome to one of the rare occasions where High Quality, High Volume and surprisingly Affordable Pricing come together with excellent results.

Please watch the video for more information and see below.

Let's face it. Most people don't want to sit in front of a headshot photographer – at all in many cases – but once they get there… they want it to be over asap. We get it and have become experts at making the headshot process as quick and fun as possible – while delivering images that even the toughest customers often concede (with surprise), “Wow, that’s actually pretty good”, which translates to, “Damn, I look good!”


Here is what Livingface headshots look like:  

Traditional headshot photographers spend an unnecessary amount of time with subjects. This belaboring of the process not only makes the experience painful for your employees (some of whom would rather be at the dentist!) it means that taking a high volume of headshots becomes a time-consuming and arduous affair. Built for the social media age, our cutting-edge headshot service must be experienced to be appreciated. We have streamlined the process by making it lightning quick and fun - with minimal disruption to your business – and by making it possible for companies of any size to provide uniform professional headshots for all of your employees.

Meanwhile, as we find ourselves fully immersed in the millennial age, authenticity is the new cool. Stoic, shadowy headshots are out. Bright faces and authentic, confident smiles are in. And we know how to get those in remarkable numbers. No matter how your employees feel when they enter our studio, they will exit feeling great about themselves. The entire workplace will be buzzing about what a great experience it was. The final images will only confirm their confidence.


Let us know if you'd like to receive a comprehensive Powerpoint presentation on the ins and out of uniform professional headshots.

Differentiate yourself from your competition. Maximize the benefits from your business social media platforms. Impress clients with your company’s commitment to excellence in every domain of your business. Boost your employees’ morale and workplace experience. Boost your bottom line.

Contact us today for pricing and more information. 


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 Pick one spot in your office, preferably with windows, for a more natural feel.



We will help design a unique backdrop that integrates your company colors/logo.

Innovate with Uniform Professional Corporate Headshots

Choose Your Background


The go to. Always works well. Timeless. Grey won’t clash with your company branding even if you change it.


Select either your company’s main or accent color or a combination of both for a more tailored look.

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