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How Much Do Corporate Headshots Cost?

Corporate headshot photography has a range of costing that is dependent on a number of factors:

(1) The number of people being photographed. 

(a) If you are a single individual and you’re are going to a studio to have your profile picture taken you can expect to spend anywhere from $150-500.

(b) If you are having corporate headshots taken for your staff it again depends on how many people. If it’s about 10 people the price range gets reduced down to $90-250. If it’s over 100 people, because of the volume, the price will again reduce, to something like $60-200 per head.

(2) The amount of time being spent with each person being photographed.

(a) Some photographers like to spend 10-15 minutes with each subject, which may include a variety of poses.

(b) If you are looking to get have a single, traditional pose, including head and solar plexus, this can be achieved by an experienced photographer in a matter of a couple of minutes.

(3) If there is a change of clothing with a variety of poses then the session may run upwards of 30 minutes. In this case, you can expect to pay $300-500. This option is sometimes selected for senior staff where a number of poses and looks are needed for marketing materials, website, conferences, etc.

(4) The amount of post-production and touch-ups done. Some photographers do very minor corrections and blemish-work – others spend quite a bit of time on each headshot delivered. That being said, while you will pay extra for more touch-ups you want to make sure your corporate headshot photographer does not go so far with their corrections that the final product looks too air-brushed. In this case, less is definitely more though just the right amount of correction is gold!

(5) The photographer’s experience. The physical act of setting up a studio and taking corporate headshots is relatively easy to learn and execute. The x-factor for obtaining quality headshots that capture the essence of the subject is another matter altogether. Because most people have trepidation when it comes to having their headshot taken it falls on the photographer, who also doubles here as a therapist, to create a safe space for each subject, to make them feel at ease, and to elicit an authentic smile from someone who would probably rather be at the dentist at that moment! 

So, the skill and temperament of the photographer is crucial in obtaining a quality final product, and for that experience you can expect to pay a premium.

In conclusion, while price is often the arbiter when it comes to corporate headshots, it should not be underestimated the variety of factors that go into determining just how much one should pay.

Bard Azima

Livingface Photography


Specialists in Professional Corporate Headshots and Corporate Events Photography


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